The safety and well-being of our passengers and chauffeurs is our priority



Comfort Transfer London:  12 Cheveney Walk Bromley London BR2 0XZ UK
Comfort Transfer Paris: 11 rue de Javel 75015 Paris France

CTP is a company registered in Paris 808592869 and London 13764868, the registered addresses are shown above.

CTP is a high-quality company, provides transportation ground services under perfect conditions with authorized vehicles, by full licensed professional drivers.


We offer our clients the possibility to book transportation services with fix price over CTP Booking Channel, online platform, through email, or texting us, as well as through the application for mobile devices. This can be an *booking order, constitutes an offer by the Customer to purchase Services in accordance with these Conditions.


“These conditions” refers to the official terms and conditions of this document and (unless the context otherwise requires) includes any special provision or condition in a written document agreed by both passengers-clients and service provider.

As passenger-clients (you) enter a contract with the Provider for the provision of transport services via our company CTP.


We provide transportation service to our passengers always by respect.




Booking is a purchase by you (client, passenger) of our transport services us (CTP).

  • In order to use the CTP services, you must DOWNLOAD CREATE and maintain active personal or business user profile. You must be at least 18 years of age, or the age of legal majority in your jurisdiction (if applicable and if different than 18), to set up a Profile.
  • Profile registration requires for you to submit certain personal or business information, such as your name, address, mobile phone number, company name, vat number as well as at least one valid payment method supported by us. If you wish to make a Card payment, you will provide us with, and we shall store, the long number of your Card together with the Card expiry date, for each Card you upload to your Profile. Business account recurring an extra payment confirmation by us.  You are responsible for all activity that occurs using your Profile, and you agree to always maintain the security and secrecy of your profile username and password. You may only create one profile unless otherwise agreed by us.
  • Upon successful download and creation a profile with the process of our systems, you may make Bookings for passenger services using the Booking Channels (app, online, text, email).
  • A Booking constitutes an offer by you to purchase services in accordance with these Terms, for specific address and time plus specific category car.
  • A Booking shall only be deemed to be accepted and confirmed by us when we issue written confirmation of the booking via text message, email or push notification from the App or on commencement of the Booking (whichever is the earlier), at which point and on which date and time a contract for the of those services to which the booking relates shall come into existence.
  • The passenger or client, in each case, is deemed to have accepted the Terms when making use of the passenger services.
  • Each booking constitutes a contract between CTP (as principal), the Passenger and you (if the person making the Booking is different from the Passenger).
  • There is NO obligation on us to accept a Booking and it may be declined for any reason at any time.
  • Any quotation given by the CTP shall not constitute an offer.
  • The price that you have for your booking is it fix, Definite value, unless you change anything or edit your request.
  • The client acknowledges and agrees that the Chauffeur shall have the absolute discretion to refuse to transport any Passenger(s) who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and whose behavior whilst in that state reasonably poses a threat to the Chauffeur, the Vehicle, or any other Passenger(s).
  • The client selects the category of the transportation vehicle but CTP reserves the right to change the Vehicle for the performance of the Services subject always to such replacement being of similar or better standard to the Vehicle, even In the event of any breakdown of the Vehicle.
  • The company responsible for the driver is guaranteed by a notoriously solvent insurance company which covers the risks related to its activity in accordance with the legislation in force. Passengers are considered third parties vis-à-vis the drivers, and are covered for all bodily injury, material and immaterial that they may suffer as a result of a traffic accident and this unlimited for bodily injury. , from getting into the Vehicle until getting off, with the exception of damage caused by their fault.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, you agree to remain fully liable under these Terms for the actions or omissions of the passenger(s) as if they were your own actions or omissions and our obligations to the Passenger will be determined by these Terms as if they were you.
  • You acknowledge that network services will be provided by Fulfilment partner(s) in locations where CTP does not have drivers or chauffeurs available. Where a Booking uses a fulfilment partner, each contract for services is between you and the Fulfilment Partner. As such, we are the disclosed agent for each Fulfilment Partner for the purpose of arranging and agreeing Bookings between you and the Fulfilment Partner. Each Fulfilment Partner is responsible in each and every case, for the performance of the Services under a Contract. CTP shall check that each Fulfilment Partner maintains motor liability insurance, regulatory and all other compliance obligations required by law and for good practice in the location in which the Fulfilment Partner provides Passenger Services. Where a Booking uses a Fulfilment Partner, the Fulfilment Partner (not us) is legally responsible for performing the Booking. We are responsible for providing you with customer service assistance and will always act as the point of contact for you for customer service questions.
  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, we remain responsible solely for our obligations to you, as set out in these Terms, to the exclusion of all other Terms.
  • Where your journey is fulfilled by a Driver or Chauffeur licensed by CTP will contact you again via text message, email or push notification from the App, before the start of your journey, to confirm the Vehicle licence plate number, the driver’s contact details, the driver’s private hire Vehicle licence number and where a Passenger can receive it, a photo of the driver.
  • CTP reserves the right on no notice to you to amend the Services if necessary to comply with any applicable law, statute, regulation, statutory instrument, directive and all other legislation or if the amendment will not materially affect the nature or quality of the Services.
  • CTP shall use reasonable endeavors to provide a Vehicle of the type specified by you (and in the event that if such a Vehicle is not available, a reasonable alternative Vehicle) within any time for so doing given by CTP.



  • On providing your Collection Address, Destination Address and selecting the Vehicle, you will receive a quotation showing the amount of the Charges for the requested journey.
  • You are liable for any and all payment of Charges and Additional Charges for a Booking for all Services booked pursuant to these Terms and you must pay the Charges and Additional Charges for each Booking in full and without set-off.
  • CTP reserves the right to amend the Charges and the Additional Charges including after a Booking is made and including without limitation to reflect changes in law, statute, regulation, taxation, statutory instrument and directives.
  • You may elect the method of payment for a Services Booking, made using the Site or App, from one of the following options: Card Payment, or cash or PayPal Payment. Business account have same payment method plus transfer bank confirm by CTP obligatory.
  • Where you make a Card Payment for a Booking, we will process payment as in respect of the Charges prior to the Booking commencing and in respect of the Additional Charges after the Booking has completed, in each case using the Card used to make the Card Payment for the Charges relating to the Booking.
  • When you receive the confirmation notice our system pre-authorize the amount from your bank account, or card credit or any payment method that you select for pay your service booking transfer.
  • If you have made our Services Booking and elected to make payment by cash, where this is an available option, the Driver Chauffeur or Fulfilment Partner (as applicable) will in his/her sole discretion collect the Charges upon completion of the Booking and Additional Charges upon completion of the Passenger Services.
  • Where you make a Card or cash Payment for our Services and your Card Payment is declined by the Card-issuer or on its behalf, or passenger do not have cash, you agree that CTP or a Group Member reserves the right, including on behalf, or Fulfilment Partner (where applicable), to use and take payment for Charges and/or Additional Charges from any other payment Card or method in your Profile in your sole name, where available.
  • Business account payment will be by transfer bank or card payment 20 days after receiving the invoice of our services.
  • After the service you will receive the invoice with the fool payment amount charge through the way you have choose, including vat.
  • In the event of that we are unable to collect payment for the our Services invoices, from passengers, clients or business account, we shall be entitled to charge, and you shall be liable to pay interest at a rate of 8% per annum on any amount outstanding until payment is made, both before and after any judgment.
  • The Charges are based on our chosen route between your Collection Address and Destination Address (via any other pick-up or drop-off points you specify at the time of making the Booking).
  • We may permit changes to a Booking by a Passenger on whose behalf the Booking was made, and you acknowledge that you are liable for all Charges and Additional Charges for the Booking as changed. If a Booking change or changes results in a full or partial refund to you, we will credit the Card used to make the Booking or offering another service free of charge.
  • In relation to Passenger Services Additional Charges shall be payable if: you change the Collection Address and / or Destination Address or Vehicle type! you ask the Driver or Fulfilment Partner (as applicable), and the Driver or Fulfilment Partner (as applicable) agrees, to make any additional pick-ups or drop-offs! you require the Driver or Fulfilment Partner (as applicable) to take any variation of or follow a different route from our chosen route! you require the Driver or Fulfilment Partner (as applicable) to wait between the stops of a Return Journey.
  • you or any other Passenger, contaminate or damage a Vehicle, in which case a cleaning fee up shall be charged.
  • tolls or road or tickets, out of the center city limits, related charges are payable in relation to your Booking.
  • a Parking Fee, Waiting Time Fee, Drop Off Fee and/or Cancellation Fee may be applicable to your Booking after your request and your consent.
  • In the event that you exceed the Inclusive Waiting Time to the Airport 60 min Inclusive Waiting Time (as applicable indicate on display airport), or any other address 15 min (as you choose for the booking), you shall pay for any additional waiting time thereafter, in addition to the Charges for the Booking. In relation to the Inclusive Waiting Time you will be liable to pay a Waiting Time Fee from the 1th minute onwards.
  • We provide an estimate of charges for your service according to our price quotation that you have from any channel, but please be aware that the final amount charged to you may be different from the estimate because of other Charges applicable fees, tolls etc. Charges will be inclusive of applicable taxes where required by law.
  • Any waiting time in excess of the Inclusive Waiting Time and/or Airport Inclusive Waiting Time (as applicable) or any other address, will be charged per min.
  • Where you book a service per hour (pre-booking) for multi stops, there is not waiting time. Service starts on specific time that you have select and after the end hours booking can extend also by hour. This hour’s bookings shall be payable at the rates by the end the service.


  • Waiting time per min 1€ or 1£ or 1$
  • Minimum cost for rides or hour 40€ or 40£ or 40$




  • When making an Airport Booking you must provide the flight number.  We use it to track your arrival time to calculate Airport Inclusive Waiting Time; and if Additional Waiting Time.
  • Clients’ obligator to inform us for the number of guests in the ride and the pieces of luggage.
  • We will not allow unaccompanied Minors to travel alone in a Vehicle. We will notify the Minor’s parent or guardian and/or relevant regulatory authority, in the event that we suspect a Minor is travelling unaccompanied and shall advise that the Booking cannot be completed without the Minor being accompanied.
  • The need for safety seats for children should be requested by the client as an additional comment by specifying the number and age of children to be transported as well as the required type of seating as you are responsible.
  • We accept small domestic animals, such as dogs and cats, only in an appropriate locked box or cage and always after CTP confirmation.
  • During the booking ride Services, you and all your passengers must: not smoke, including electronic cigarettes! not play any musical instrument or broadcast any recorded music! not consume alcohol nor be intoxicated! wear a seatbelt at all times whilst in the Vehicle! not engage in excessive physical contact, not behave in a disorderly, inappropriate, threatening or abusive manner, or be a nuisance, distraction or a danger to the Driver or other road users! unload and load your own luggage always with drivers assist at their discretion and at your sole risk! and/or not film or record inside the Vehicle at any time.
  • If you and any of your Passengers do not comply with the above conditions, the Driver may refuse to commence or continue your Booking, and you shall be charged a fool amount as Cancellation Fee.
  • If you or any Passenger leaves any property in a Vehicle, we will not be responsible for such property. Where a Driver finds such property, we will use reasonable efforts to store the property for 30 days and you can contact us by sending an email to info@ctp.limo with your booking number or journey information to have the property returned for which a charge may apply. After 30 days, we may return, sell, destroy or otherwise dispose of the property and we shall not be accountable to you for it.
  • Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity. Driver reserves the right to refuse the carriage of luggage and/or animals which was/were not agreed to.
  • Drivers and/or Fulfilment Partners (as applicable) may, at their discretion, assist you or your Passengers needing assistance to enter or exit the Vehicle, but shall do so at your sole risk.




  • You must not use our Booking Channels to do any of the following (each of which is strictly prohibited), restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the Booking Channels! infringe the privacy rights, property rights, or other civil rights of any person! harvest, data-mine or otherwise collect information about others, including email addresses, without their consent! use technology or other means to access our computer network, unauthorized content or non-public spaces! to use automated systems or software to extract data from our Site, our App or any platform that we operate! introduce or attempt to introduce any viruses or any other harmful code, files or programs that interrupt or otherwise or limit the Booking Channel’s functionality, or damage, disable or otherwise impair our servers or networks or attempt to do the same! engage in or encourage others to engage in criminal or unlawful conduct or breach these Terms including misuse of the Booking Channels for unlawful or unauthorized purposes.
  • You agree not to breach these Terms in any way which may result in, amongst other things, termination, or suspension of your access to the Booking Channels. You agree to indemnify and defend CTP and each Group Member and each of their respective directors, officers, employees, consultants, agents, and affiliates, from any and all third-party claims, liability, damages and/or costs (including, but not limited to, legal fees) arising from your use (or misuse) of the Booking Channels or any platform we may operate, or your breach of these Terms.



  • All Intellectual Property Rights belonging to CTP and/or a Group Member, including all related Intellectual Property Rights and moral rights to any modifications, derivative works, suggestions, ideas, enhancement requests, feedback, recommendations or other information relating to those Intellectual Property Rights shall remain vested in CTP and/or the relevant Group Member (as applicable).
  • All Intellectual Property Rights in or to any CTP (or a Group Member) brand or trade mark shall remain vested in CTP and /or each Group Member. You may not use the CTP and/or any Group Member trademarks or brands for any purpose without OUR (and where applicable the Group Member’s) prior written consent.
  • All Intellectual Property Rights in or to the Booking Channels shall remain vested in CTP or the relevant Group Member (as applicable).
  • Where you use the Site or App to receive the Services, OF CTP or the relevant Group Member (as applicable) grants to you a royalty-free, non-exclusive, revocable, worldwide, non-transferable, non-sub licensable licence to use the Site and App for the sole purpose of receiving the Services.
  • All Intellectual Property Rights in or arising out of or in connection with the Booking Channels and/or the Services shall be owned by CTP. You shall assign to CTP, or shall procure the assignment to CTP of, all such rights (whether presently existing or to be created in the future) and agrees to execute, or procure the execution of, all documents reasonably necessary to give effect to US title to the Intellectual Property Rights in Developments.




  • Overtime or No-show pay will apply after the first 15 minutes waiting of prearranged time described on the ride sheet for all address, except the airport arrivals where is 60 min waiting after arrival the flight as indicate in airport monitor.
  • Not responsible for delays or the termination in winter caused by unsafe road conditions (ie. not salted, accidents, etc.).
  • Not responsible for articles left in the Vehicles, but anything we found will should returning by any way to the owners.
  • Exceptional situations such as air-traffic controller strikes, extreme weather conditions, etc. can be compensated only to a limited extent, meaning that longer waiting periods or last-minute cancellations must be accepted by Users.
  • For transfer or hourly bookings, cancellation is free of charge if there are more than 12 hours left before the agreed pickup time. If there are 12 hours or less before the agreed pickup time, the total price must be paid 100%. A cancellation can only be done by using the cancel feature in our App or by email and confirmed by email.
  • Delay flights more than 90 min, there is possibility to return booking to client without charges or change driver or car also, from CTP by Provide a notice to client or passenger by email, app, or text.
  • You acknowledge that if you change the Collection Address after the Driver, Chauffeur or Fulfilment Partner (as applicable) has been allocated if 12 hours before booking, such Booking will be cancelled, and You may therefore be liable for a Cancellation Fee charged.



  • Nothing in these Terms will exclude or limit any liability: for death or personal injury caused by negligence!  for fraudulent misrepresentation or for any other fraudulent act or omission! to pay sums properly due and owing in the normal course of performance of the Services and/or these Terms! and/or for any warranty implied by law and/or for any other liability which may not lawfully be excluded or limited.
  • CTP shall not be liable or responsible for any errors in or failure to provide the Services due to your error or failure to provide accurate and complete information.
  • Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the Booking Channels are available, we do not enter into any agreement to the effect that the Services and/or the Booking Channels will be available at all times or that the use by you of the Booking Channels will be entirely uninterrupted or error-free.
  • The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the vehicles caused during the ride by them or any members of their party.
  • Nothing in these General Terms and Conditions limits and excludes any liability which cannot legally be limited or excluded, including liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence and liability for fraud or alter your rights as a consumer that cannot be excluded under applicable law.



  • Our privacy notice sets out how we will use your information. You can view our privacy notice by visiting www.ctp.limo
  • If your details change, you must update your Profile, in order to continue to use the Services.
  • You can update your marketing preferences within your Profile on the Booking Channels.




  • Each of the Customer and the Fulfilment Partner shall:

keep confidential all Confidential Information of the other party which it receives in connection with any             Fulfilment Booking! not copy or reproduce any part of it without the prior written approval of the other party, except as strictly necessary for the performance of its obligations under the Network Service Terms! apply to it no lesser security measures and degree of care than those which it takes in protecting its own Confidential Information and in any event no less than that which a reasonable person or business would take in protecting its own confidential information! only use such Confidential Information as strictly necessary for the performance of, or exercise of its rights under, any Fulfilment Contract.



  • We will use reasonable efforts to ensure that we, or the Fulfilment Partner (as applicable)  provide a Vehicle which is in good working order and of the type you request when making the Booking. If the particular type of Vehicle requested is not available, a reasonable alternative Vehicle will be provided. While we shall use all reasonable endeavors to provide the Passenger Services within the timeframes indicated in the Booking, time shall not be of the essence.
  • We shall be entitled to vary the Charges and Additional Charges from time to time.
  • We may modify these Terms or terminate use of the Services, and/or the Booking Channels at any time by publishing such change on our website www.ctp.limo, or any other Booking Channel that we make available at our sole discretion. If you do not agree to any changes, you must stop using the Services and the Booking Channels. We reserve the right to change, suspend, terminate, discontinue and/or cease the operation of all or part of the Services and/or one or more (or all) of the Booking Channels (including for the avoidance of doubt any aspect of the Services and/or the Booking Channels) from time to time at our sole discretion.



The Terms and Conditions and any related contract are performed, regulated, and interpreted exclusively in accordance with law.

We keep this terms updated, Please remember to check these Terms before you make a booking , as the Terms will apply to your booking.

We may change these General Terms and Conditions from time to time. We will inform you of changes within a reasonable time.


You can contact us any time in our Email:  info@ctp.limo


Thank you to have chosen CTP for your rides. We guaranty that your transportation will be under perfect conditions and always with respect.



–  It feels nice to arrive somewhere and have someone waiting for you  –



Capitalised expressions in these Terms:

Term Description
*Airport Transfer the provision of a Service between an agreed arrival airport and an agreed destination as specified by the Customer
*As Directed Service the provision of a Service with an agreed pick-up point but without a fully defined journey plan or termination point.
*Passenger the passenger(s) for whom the Customer has requested the Services
*Additional Charges means any and all charges other than the Charges payable by you in relation to a Passenger Services Booking
*Booking means a booking for a Driver, Chauffeur or Fulfilment Partner (as applicable) to provide (i) Passenger Services
*As Directed Booking, Per hour booking means a Passenger Services Booking that is within the city Postal Area is restricted to a driving distance of less than 10 miles/ki in any 1 hour period of hire and in relation to Passenger Services has a minimum of 2 stops in the period of hire, where one or more Passenger(s) directs the Driver for the period of hire.
*Cancellation Fee means the amount payable by you if you cancel a Booking
*Card Payment means payment in relation to a Booking, made by a credit card or debit card (as applicable)
*Charges means the charges payable by you for a Booking, as communicated to you when the Booking is made, and excluding the Additional Charges.
*Collection Address means the address provided by you at the time of making the Booking as the address from which the Vehicle (as applicable) shall collect you and/or your Passenger.
*Customer means you, the person making a Booking and/or using the Services under these Terms.
*Destination Address means the address stated by you at the time of making the Booking to which the Vehicle
*Driver or Chauffeur means any person contracted to Addison Lee or any Group Member who drives a Vehicle
*Partner means for Passenger Services a carefully selected third-party private hire
*Intellectual Property Rights means patents, patentable rights, copyright, design rights, utility models, trade marks (whether or not any of the above are registered), trade names, rights in domain names, rights in inventions, rights in data, database rights, rights in know-how and confidential information, and all other intellectual and industrial property and similar or analogous rights existing under the laws of any country and all pending applications for and right to apply for or register the same (present, future and contingent, and including all renewals, extensions, revivals and all accrued rights of action).
*Parking Fee means you and / or any other person on whose behalf a Passenger Services Booking is made (each Passenger, in each case, is deemed to have accepted the Terms when making use of the Passenger Services).
*Passenger(s) means the address stated by you at the time of making the Booking to which the Vehicle
*Restricted Street means any Collection Address or Destination Address which is subject to any parking law or regulation prohibiting any Vehicle or Courier Services Vehicle from entering, waiting and/or parking.
*Site means the website at www.ctp.limo or such other website from time to time through which Bookings can be made.
*Vehicle means a vehicle used for the carriage of Passengers.
*Waiting Time Fee means a fee chargeable when a Driver or Fulfilment Partner (as applicable) is required to wait for Passengers above the standard inclusive time, which will be added to the Charges